What is best way to connect Orchestrator to CitrixVDI

Currently we have Citrix VDIs only, and our citrix team is saying they are having operational issues with

  • Developer/BOT connecting to VDI via RDP — Our Citrix team says the connection should establish vis Citrix Receiver not vis RDP, Is it an issue ?
  • UnAttended BOTs — Citrix team doesn’t want anonymous connections to VDIs, and these connections shouldn’t be forever ( I mean the connection should have somekind of timeout, at least in our environment, so of these connections are always on.

Any RDP requirement for an Orchestrator to connect to the BOT machine to schedule/start/run the process ? Isn’t this communication via TCP/IP ? One of the developer said the Orchestrator connects to BOT machine for schedules via RDP , is it true ?

Please give the valuable comments

Hi @khan,
Those are very good questions and I’m happy to answer this.

  • If connection need to go through Receiver it’s not a problem. Robot just need to do couple steps more to log in via StoreFront website and click needed desktop etc.). However RDP connection to the machine is better approach for unattended case (less problematic)
  • Unattended connection is not anonymous. Your robot need to have it’s AD account to which robot is assigned. During work it will use this account to log into machine. Robot process which is handling robot work on the VDI will automatically log off the robot after job is done so connection will be not always on.

About requirements:
On citrix worker where robot will be performing the job you need to instal runtime
On machine where robot will be developed for citrix you need to install extension
or for RDP this extension

Orchestrator is not connecting to Robot via TCP/IP. The connection is going through web socket. During setup of robot you need to pair robot with orchestrator based on it’s website address (local/external).

Thanks Pablito. I was also expecting the same answer.