Problem connecting Orchestrator to VDIs

First of all, sorry if I didn’t create the post in the topic I should have, I had my doubts.

First I would need to confirm:

  1. The Orchestrator (in Cloud) and the Machine where the Unattended Robot is installed, both must have port 443 open, through which they communicate so that the Orchestrator recognizes the Robot
  2. Once the Machine is configured in the Orchestrator (obtaining the Machine Key) and linled to the Unattended Robot, when we launch a Job from the Orchestrator, is the connection always via RDP, or there are any alternative?
  3. If so, how secure is the Orchestrator - RDP connection?

The main problem is that the Client will provide us with Machines from VMWare Horizon to both Develop and create the Unattended Robot. So, two questions here:

  1. How can we start a Job on a VMWare session from the Orchestrator on these VDIs?
  2. How can the Robot find these VDIs, if they are on a local net?

Thank you in advance

Hi @sergio.carrio
I can confirm point 1, you need to have 443 port open because all communication between robot and orchestrator is through HTTPS
About your question regarding RDP, Orchestrator does not use RDP to connect to Robot machines (you may use it for your own admin needs or environment testing). Orchestrator always connect via HTTPS and Robot opens a session locally to run the job (In the case of a background process it doesn’t even open a windows session just execute using robot service)

Does that answer your questions?

Hope it helps!


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Hello Gabriel,

Thank you very much for your quick response, you have solved my problem completely.
He was wrong, he thought that somehow the Orchestrator made an RPD connection over HTTPS. I see that the Orchestrator does not really need RDP to open the session, but the Robot opens it locally with HTTPS.

Un abrazo desde España :heart:

Saludos Sergio, gusto tenerte en la comunidad UiPath

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