Auto login to citrix VDI

Hello together,
I have the following onprem setup:
1- installed orchestrator on a virtual win2016 server.
2- installed Studio and Robot on a citrix vdi for a technical user with limited rights ( the Bot can only has access to data and application which are necessary to execute the business process)

I need to manually start the VDI. Is there a way to automatically login to the vdi in order to execute the unattened bot without starting the VDI manually? The rdp Option does not work in my case.

Hi, when RPA service is running, this shouldn‘t be a orohkem in unattended scenarios. You will however have the need to setup the machine according to High Density Robots

Instead of Remote Desktop Users, in Citrix environments, you will usually have something like „Citrix Direct Access“ or similar. Please refer to the tagged documentation for HD bots to further understand how robot interacts with the machine. tl;dr: you don‘t have to rdp on the machine. robot service logs on users with limited access, when a job is assigned and log off the user again, when disconnected.

tip: try to reach out to IT and understand, whether Roaming Profiles and or Folder redirection are being used. Both were a real pain in a customer project I was setting up the platform on this year.