What is an Unknown Business Exception

I’m completing a PDD and under the Business Exceptions section it splits them into “Unknown” and “Known”

I may be being daft here - but what would an unknown business exception be? Surely if you had one, it would be a known business exception?

Can someone advise please?


That section will tell you, in case of unknown exceptions what should be the action taken by robot.

For example, if unknown exception occurs - the robot should take a screenshot and send an email with the exception as an attachment.

It is not to define the unknown exceptions, but what should robot do when unknown exception occurs in your automation.

Hope I clarified your question.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik - I think you are referring to a section that is two sections below the one I am referring to. Here is the section I mean. I’ve currently put n/a in then box, but can’t see a reason that I would ever have anything to put in there.

You can mention, unknown exceptions related to system or third party applications.
These document should be keep updating when you find out the unknown exceptions (move to known).

Thanks Karthik, Would “unknown exceptions related to system or third party applications” not go in the “Application Error and Exception Handling” section as they would be system exceptions, and not business exceptions?

I told you in generic about unknown exceptions - both business/application.

If your process is new and ready to deploy, mention as N/A.

If your process is already deployed and in production - update document as said in the template --> “Never encountered any unknown exceptions so far. Any unknown business exceptions will be notified to process SMEs.”

Karthik Byggari

@andrewjames, agreed!
Unknown business exception makes no sense to me. We don’t know what we don’t know. I would remove this section. :slight_smile:

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