Need Business exception details

Hi All,

I have to design my workflow with considering Business rule exception.
I don’t have any idea about business rule exception.
need brief knowledge about it.
how workflow comes to know that there is business exception thrown or not??

Please share your understanding on it…


If there is a business exception you’ll need to instruct the robot to throw the process, using a throw activity, because it’s business logic. Within that throw you could type:
new BusinessRuleException(“Your exception message here”)
as long as it is within the try section of a try catch.

The catch should have a ‘businessRuleException’ added, and within that catch you can specify what the robot does with the exception message. You can reference it with “exception”, so for example if you wanted to log the message, you would log “exception.message” and it would appear in the output pane of studio.

If you do not surround the activities with a try catch, the throw activity will fault the workflow completely.


hi KEntwistle,

Thankyou for sharing. I am a beginner at RPA and chance upon your advice.
May I know why do we need 2 activity for exception (e.g. add Throw into TryCatch) ?
Both are able to generate exception

Use try catch to handle exception. By adding try catch the application will not break and handle exception in the catch section.

In the Try section, you need to use the throw activity to raise exception when the business logic fails. This can be used as - new BusinessRuleException(“Your exception message here”)