Business Rule Exception

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Please give me brief about Business Rule Exception.
Which types of exception comes under this?
How to handle them?



A Business Exception describes an error rooted in the fact that certain data which the automation project depends on is incomplete or missing.
Such a situation is, for example, a project which extracts phone numbers from an employee database, creating queue items for each of them. These items are then to be processed and inserted into a financial application. If a certain phone number is missing a digit due to human error, the queue item containing it becomes invalid. This causes the automation to throw an exception, as the Phone Number field in the financial application does not accept a queue item that contains an incomplete number.
Retrying the transaction does not yield any chance of solving the issue, and there are other better courses of action, such as notifying the human user of this error.



For example,It will throw business exception when the user change the credentials of the application and it is not updated in Orchestator, During that time if robo run on the user credentials, it will throw exception and we have to send a mail to business and to the support team to update, Thanks


Hi @SagarSB

You need to decide for yourself when to throw a Business Rule Exception. As mentioned by @Sharanabasava, it comes useful whenever you need to log a situation that requires human attention.

You can throw it at any point by using the Throw activity within a Try-Catch activity with the following code:


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