Difference between system exception and business exception

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Please tell me the difference, but in a simple way.

Hi @Lakshya_Garg ,

In very simpler way.

System exception - exception occurred due to system ( web application, stand alone application etc.) Eg: application not reachable , Ui element not found etc.

Business exception - the exception occured by business logic not really exception these are user defined example like if employee salary less than 5000 he is not eligible for loan some thing like that we can throw business exception.

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thanks bro for your help.

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Your welcome bro @Lakshya_Garg any time.

I also have a simple question
Is there any difference between Error & Exception.

Hi @Lakshya_Garg ,

It is very generic question. I will explain in very simpler way.

Error - it is a unknown issue that cannot be handled since we don’t know when it will come. Usually errors will come at run time. Mostly coding issues will cause these errors while developing we don’t know run time may occur.

Exception - it is a know issue that we can handle before itself. Usually we can handle these issues by using try catch activity. Where you think that the exception can occur that code we should keep in try block. Mentioned in previous post system exception or business exception we already aware where we will get.

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yeah bro get it.
Thanks again
this Information is a lot for me.

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Your welcome bro.

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