What is a storage bucket?

Did the task turn into an action?
What is a storage bucket?

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Can you give more context to your question?

Bucket is a container of some sort… where storage bucket in the context I am aware of typically refers to some online data storage such as AWS S3 or Cloud Storage with Google Cloud.

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Look at your orchestrator
Is there any change?

I use Orchestator 2018.3 and 2019.10.18 and rarely use Community unless I want to see something in beta…

If you can be more specific in your context, someone could better help you. You are asking the community to guess what you are referring to rather then stating it or providing a screenshot to show what specifically you are asking about.

Orchestrator Comunity
Is that

There was an explanation here
I’m sorry

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I don’t see a mention of Storage Bucket in that link(?).

There is a quick writeup on it in the following topic.


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