Storage buckets - how it works?

I have some questions about storage buckets. I didn’t find anything about that in documentation and on the forum so here I am.
I just have some anxiety how much space (capacity) those buckets have when I am using orchestrator as provider (I am working on community edition cloud orchestrator). I am also wondering how it affects database for example when I have orchestrator on-premises wit sql database connected. If I understood correctly when I connect storage buckets with outside provider, it does not affects my potential database on-premise? but what when I’am using orchestrator as provider, where that data is stored (my guess is that in the automation cloud but i didn’t find anything about how much capacity there is for single user.)
So in short, my question is ho is data stored when using storage bucket in diffrent configurations and what are restrictions and risks of using it?

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Hi @jjjkuba

There are currently no limits to the capacity of the Orchestrator buckets, but it can change in the future if we spot that being abused in any way.

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Hi @jjjkuba,

It is stored on your orchestrator server(on-prem) if you are connected to orchestrator on-prem and create a storage bucket using storage provider as Orchestrator, for rest I understand its cloud(all third party systems).


Limits of your Storage Buckets is going to be dependent on the Providers that you have configured. Specifically for Orchestrator provider, this is going to use Orchestrator’s configured storage which is defined by Storage.Type and Storage.Location in the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config.

The values of Storage.Type can be FileSystem, Azure, Amazon, or Minio and the value of Storage.Location is dependent on the type selected.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a fresh install (2018!), but probably a safe bet the default Storage location was ./Storage within the installation directory of Orchestrator if not changed. We use a Network File Share for our Storage so when we create a bucket using the Orchestrator provider it uses the same FileSystem location defined by Storage.Location.

Which would be the Storage.Location/<tenentfolder>/BlobFilePersistence/<GUIDofBucket>/ and the meta data of the bucket would be in the database.


As for the Cloud Orchestrator, if you are using that you wouldn’t know where the bucket/data was being created if you selected Orchestrator as the provider as you don’t have access to the configuration, unless UiPath was willing to divulge such information.


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