Document Processing 20.4 Beta: Human-Robot Interaction using Action Center

Document Processing 20.4 Beta: Human-Robot Interaction using Action Center

:fireworks: :loudspeaker: :sparkler: We are happy to announce that we have released a beta version of the IntelligentOCR package, part of UiPath Document Understanding, that allows you to create smooth human-robot communication when it comes to Document Processing.

Two new activities are available for your workflows: Create Document Validation Action and Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume.

Yes, you guessed right! You can now build orchestration processes for document understanding use cases! Prepare for a story about activities, storage, orchestrator, actions, humans and robots, all collaborating to help you read books :open_book: instead of boring invoices or insurance forms :slight_smile:

Let’s take these one by one:

Create Document Validation Action Activity

To use this activity, you must provide the following information:

  • the document path, document object model, document text (the regular file assets used in document processing)
  • the taxonomy object used for data extraction
  • the automatic extraction results obtained from the Data Extraction Scope, configured to your needs
  • action details (title, priority and action catalog)
  • :grey_exclamation: storage bucket information (more details below)

Use the action output to be able to suspend your workflow and wait for human action completion using the Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume activity.

Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume Activity


To use this activity, you must input the previously created task (output of the Create Document Validation Action activity).

You can now retrieve the human confirmed data in the Validated Extraction Results output. And just in case you lost them, you can retrieve the document artifacts as well, in the Document Path, Text, DOM, Taxonomy and Automatic Extraction Results outputs.

A Download Folder Path is required if you want to grab the output Document Path, to have access to the original file on the robot that is resuming the workflow (if the robot is different than the one that created the human action). The Document Folder Path indicates where the file is to be downloaded for storage, and the Document Path will contain the local path to the downloaded file.

Storage Buckets

So let’s move to storage!

The Cloud Platform now contains, besides support for the Document Validation Actions, the necessary functionality for setting up and managing a storage space. As document validation needs artifacts available in order to enable users to review automatically extracted data, a storage bucket is used to manage this content required for the human actions.

Don’t forget to give your robot Storage File access, otherwise it won’t be able to help!

To set up a storage bucket, go to your Cloud Platform account, enter your service, and access the Storage Buckets new functionality:

Use the (:heavy_plus_sign:) option to create your storage bucket and … that’s it! Configure it in the Create Document Validation Action and give it a try!

Storage Buckets Management

To easily manage the content in your buckets, we strongly recommend that when you create actions using the Create Document Validation Action activity, you organize your data in Bucket Folder Path. This is for easy management reasons: if you put all your artifacts in one fat root folder, tracking and deleting them when necessary would be a real challenge.

Do note that artifacts for one created action are all stored under one “folder” (with a generated GUID as name).

To manage the content even further, you have the option, on action completion, to automatically delete the action related artifacts from the storage bucket. Just :white_check_mark: the Remove Data From Storage flag in the Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume activity and you’re done! Of course, if an action is completed and the supporting artifacts are removed, that action will not be available for opening and viewing from that moment on. :goggles: :ghost:

Validation Station in Action Center

Here’s how it looks like:

… in the list of Actions:

… opened in read-only mode (when not assigned to your use or when completed):

… and opened in edit-mode (when assigned to you and actionable):

Aren’t you tired of printscreens? :tired_face:

I am! Get your hands :open_hands: on the latest IntelligentOCR package (make sure to check the “Include Pre-release” flag in Package Manager), grab the new beta version, and enjoy your extra free time!

Make sure to send us feedback on how it works for you!

Have a wonderful Good Friday :rabbit2:,

The Document Understanding team


Trust me, this will be a next turning point of UIPATH :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Hohoooo… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: most awaited function that i have love to.

You guys are grate, i ll give my fullest support for this and build better updates for this :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Wow!! Great news, @Ioana_Gligan (and the IntelligentOCR team)!! I am looking forward to testing this out. Keep up the great work with these new features.


Great addition to the Document Understanding Framework! Congrats on the team!!


@Ioana_Gligan - Do you guys have a template file we can pick up to use the two activities and see the fields?

Also - one question I have is - are you able to create a separate process and call each items from the bucket at a later time to validate them? So that I can have 1 unattended bot that digitize, classify and extract and another 1 attended bot that is used to pick up each item from buckets and re-train the classifier?

Many thanks!

Wow! This is awesome! new OCR package. Will try this! Thanks Uipath.

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Hi loana_Gligan,

create document validation action activity and gives error like you are not authorized.

Thank you.

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Hello @praneeth.peyyeti,

Please check your robot permission to Storage Files. It needs to have CRUD permissions on them in order for the entire thing to work.

Hello @alp.uguray,

Sure! You can orchestrate your processes using queues. A basic example would be:

  • create a Document Validation Task
  • serialize the newly createdTask output object
  • put it in a queue that has a trigger on it
  • (human can validate the file whenever they want)
  • a robot will pick up the “second” (post-validation) process, triggered by the queue, that would start with a “Wait for Document Validation Action” activity, with the task being the deserialized queue content.

Again, this is not an “official”, recommended, this-is-how-you-should-do-it approach, it is just an example of how you can do awesome things by combining Action Center with the full power of Orchestrator, in coordinating robots - > human - > robots.

Hope this helps,


PS: I will revert with a sample workflow in a short while.

Hi Loana_Gligan,

Thanks for your reply.

In Orchestrator where i can set these permissions.

Thank you

Go to your Orchestrator instance → Management → Users → switch to the tab Roles → click on the Robot → Edit option → switch to the tab Folder Permissions → check all Storage Files rights.

Thank you very much.

@Ioana_Gligan - thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Ioana_Gligan - does the project.json file for the Document Understanding Framework for the moment only support Orchestration Project type and not REFramework?

For the activities related to creating tasks/actions I am receiving errors in UiPath studio for REFramework.

Error I am getting is:

“an extension of type uipath.activities.contracts.persistence.ipersistencebookmarks must be configured in order to run this workflow”

Many thanks once again!!

Hello @alp.uguray,

Try to go to Project Settings and set this project to “Support Persistence”. I think it should work from there on.




Any video that includes how to implement it for pdf document end to end implementation ?


Hi @Ioana_Gligan,
Do we have any training available in the Academy on the same topic?

Hi @Ioana_Gligan

We can train the bot to identify required fields using current version

Best Regards,

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@Ioana_Gligan I changed the project setting. Still I am getting the same error
‘UiPath.Activities.Contracts.Persistence.IPersistenceBookmarks’ must be configured in order to run this workflow.

Thanks in Advance

@visalakshi.jayabalan - any chance you could send me a sample workflow that is not working? Information about Studio would also be very helpful. I assume you are using our Cloud Platform as orchestrator, as it is only there that the Action Center with Validation Station is available today.

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