What happens if I use Type Into activity in an already filled field?


I would like to know what happens when I use the Type Into activity in a field which is already filled with the text I wanted to type.
Will it type the text a second time, or will it recognize the text that is already in the field and won’t type anything more?


You have an option in there to clear the field before typing, if you dont, then the text can be appended…

Hi there @jadbenn,
By default, it will append the text.

If you use the clear text option, it will remove all text, before typing in the new text.

Should you use Simulate, it will always clear the text beforehand.

Thanks in advance,

If the text in the field is selected, it will empty the text and introduce what you instruct to type into.

If it is just clicked in the already filled field, it will append the text you instruct to type into.

To ensure, that the text is typed only once, as mentioned by @bcorrea you have the property to empty field before typing.