Enter text without removing previous text in a text field

I had text in a text field and I want to enter new text without clearing previous text.
When I make simulate type true in Type Into activity the previous text is being cleared.
How to overcome this issue.

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you can uncheck the emptyField property in Type into field or make it false

In type into, for properties section, there is a feild called empty feild , remove the check box

and in type into give , k[End] “write what you want”


I had marked empty field as false. Even then the previous is replaced with the new text.

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make Simulate Click as False

I have text in multiple new lines so I had enabled it as True.

First use GET TEXT to get the text from the field and store it in variable VAR1
Then use TYPE INTO, with VAR1 and your desired input.
Some legacy system will act weird even if emptyfield is false. I have faced it before.

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Thank You @amithvs. Its working.

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