TypeInto Deletes text even though asked not to

I’m trying to make UiPath type text into a field (in SAP) without overwriting what’s already there but it doesn’t work. Instead it starts writing in the beginning of the field (not after the exisiting text) and each letter overwrites an existing letter as when you accidentally press the Insert button on the keyboard. Can you help me make it write after what’s already written and keep the existing text?

These are my Type Into options settings

enable the empty field and try

should it be set to true or false or something else? If it’s false it doesn’t work


I set Empty field to true so now it clears the text before writing but I dont want it to do that. I want it to keep all the text and only add after the existing text.

Hi @rikke,

According to the screenshot of properties, it should not overwrite. Please do it freshly. Let’s See.

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ClickBeforeTyping properties set as true & keep emptyfield as False


As @amaresan Suggested that will work Fine.


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Thank you for your comments but I tried what @amarasan wrote and also my previous properties all after restarting uipath but it still overwrites the text. Is there anything else I can do


Okay Keep properties as same which is told by me…

Add this text “[k(end)]” before your text

check and keep me informed…

You could always use Get Text before save it as variable and Write Text as variable + “new text”.

Solution verified, thank you so much.

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this does not work for me as it makes a enter when the ‘get text’ variable is empty which i cannot allow

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