What do the items in the orchestrator queues

does Jobs reside in orchestrator queue or processes?

Hi @RPA_Architect,

Orchestrator queues - Used for assigning line items from datatable to a particular queue in orchestraotor so that particular line item from the queue can be accessed and be processed by multiple bots.

Jobs - Jobs reside under jobs, to create a job you have to add package to process and assign robot on which you want to run.

I am not clear: so both jobs and process, as well as bots and environments, are residing in orchestrator?
am I correct?
Then can a bot run from orchestrator in different Environment: say Dev and Prod?

Yes you are correct, jobs and process, as well as bots and environments, are residing in orchestrator

  1. First Machine is created after that Environment is created let it be Dev, UAT or PROD
  2. Robots are assigned to any of the above environments.
  3. Package is uploaded to orchestrator from studio.
  4. Package is assigned to a Process.
  5. Job is created with all the above created process and on which robot you want to run

great thanks I am clear now.
but that got me thinking on another question:
so we can run multiple bots or say jobs at the same time for the same process in the different ENV say Dev or Prod.
The same code can be run in both ENV … We do not need to promote the code in orchestrator to run in Prod. correct?

Thanks Wija for your help and support.

A Single job(Process) can be run on multiple robots in the same environment and in the different environment.

To create and run a robot under prod, create a robot under prod and while creating the job, select this robot which is under the prod.

Thanks, Anil5 I am clear now.

ah no problem, think i’m not much help here XD

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