How to schedule robot to queue


I have created one queue and one process and attached both via trigger.
i am adding queue items using orchestrator api via postman.
so if i have multiple processes which robot will assign to the process?
how can i come to know? because in queue section of triggers there is no robot information.

Hi .

In Queue Triggers , The Robot will be automatically picked up from the environment associated to the particular job.

Only With Time Trigger , you have the option to select the robot in which the job has to be executed .

ok,what if i have 3 robots and what robot it will pick?
it will pick available robot from those 3 robots automatically ?

Yes Correct . It will pick the available Robot from the environment ,

You have the option in the queue to choose how many Pending/running jobs are allowed .
Based on this , they pick the robots available in the Environment.

Ok, thanks for information.
what are the arguments in the queue section?

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