What are differences between task - job - process - queue?

I’m quite confuse with terms: task - job - process - queue, what are differences between them?

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I assume you are referring to orchestrator terminology.

A Process is the automation process itself, this is deployed by packaging up the XAML (UiPath Code).

A Queue is where you can monitor process of transactions / tasks - each queue is process specific. You can add queue items with one robot and use another robot to pick up the queue item.

A Transaction / Task is an individual instance of the process running, which is linked to a specific queue. It can be used to pass information (Parameters) from one robot to another but can also give you real time progress. Each transaction details which robot worked it, what time it was worked and also if there was an exception the reason behind it.

A Job is the trigger event of a process, each job in an instance of the robot running the automation. A job can be triggered manually or via the set up of a schedule.

Hope that gives you more information

A lot more information can be found in the Orchestrator Guide


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Hi Tim, from Orchestrator Guide, it show info about environment and machine that:

  • An environment is a grouping of Robots, that is used to deploy processes.
  • Machine is used to to register Robots to Orchestrator

so, might I ask some questions:

  • what 's the purpose of environment? since I think we could use only machine for both cases above
  • does one robot could belong to more than one environment?
  • machine could contain only one robot or only one environment?

Thank so much!