How does orchestrator decide which Robots to use while executing items from orchestrator queue while using Queue triggers

Hi Experts,

I was trying to use the queue trigger feature that is available on orchestrator. I understand we can trigger a process to run when we have items added to queue. We can configure the below 3 items:

  1. Minimum number of items to trigger the first job
  2. Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously
  3. Another job is triggered for each — item
    My Question is how does the orchestrator decide on which Robot to run the process. We have provided the process name(which is basically combination of package, version and environment) and number of simultaneous jobs allowed.
    Will it pick any robot which is available in the environment?
    Is there a way we can specify which robots to use?

Please let me know your thoughts or am i missing something here?


It does not. The queue trigger just creates a new per environment job. Any free robot in the environment will tackle the job.