What can I do when I get this message: "This project uses legacy Windows support which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next Enterprise version"

When I open the project at the top it shows me this message, when I open the projects they take longer to load than normal, it doesn’t even show the Flowchart component, when I create a new project with another compatibility it loads completely normal, since the whole interface was updated I feel that things are slower, I don’t know how to remove the last update so that
List item everything works fine.

Hi @JAgamez,

I’m getting this warning too. Now, I’m also waiting for your answer with you. :slight_smile:

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Reference: Deprecation timeline


Hi Marian,

So, should we convert to windows or not?

Thank you

Yes, we recommend starting using only Windows and Cross-Platforms.

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Well noted, Thank you Marian!

But old code is not opening and it is hanged very often .

‘Convert to Windows’ results in ‘package not found in any feed’ for most of my packages (80%) in Manage Packages. Old workflows do not run due to unresolvable dependacy conflicts. Basically many activities on the marketplace/nuget become obsolete.

there are some activities which don’t work with the window- type project. What can we do? a backend part about get credentials doesn’t work in my case

If a dependency package was not targeted for a .Net 6.0 or .Net 5.0 framework and was not published in the external feed, you will have issues.

Hi Marian, I try to convert but my image all gone. Is that mean I need to reload all the image ?

Would you please assist me on this. Thank you Carolyna

Yes, for the troubling activities, you need either to rebuild them or fix them.

Hi Marian,

i downloaded the .net 6.0 and installed it. Now when i try to migrate the project i get the following error:

If I enter in the workflow with the error, i go in this screen and I get these errors:

Thank you Marian

Thank you for your prompt respond, Marian.

Hello Marian,

After I migrated, I got many kinds of errors. Like these two.
There were no problems at my window legacy codes.

I cannot run any programs after migration. Nothing changed after I clicked yes or installed latest version of .Net from Microsoft.

I wrote with C# . I got so many errors like that in all activities.

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I have the same issue but with terminal activities

Hi Marian

As per the Notes the projects already created in Windows-Legacy can be edited / enhanced in Uipath Studio Enterprise edition 2023.4, right ?

Yes, you are right.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile: