Sharepoint custom activity is not working in 2022version

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I upgraded my studio from 2020 version to 2022. In v20, i used custom sharepoint activity package SharePoint Custom Activities Package - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

but after migrating studio to v22 , i got message

after clicking on convert to windows option , none of the sharepoint activity is running . it is giving error. In manage package it is showing below msg

can anyone help me to resolve this

If you need to use Sharepoint Custom activities pacakge, please do not convert your project to Windows project.

Or if your sharepoint is Sharepoint Online, MicrosoftOffice365 activities package might help you in Windows project.


if i didnt convert to window project then it will not create any problem in future , right ?
What can I do when I get this message: “This project uses legacy Windows support which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next Enterprise version” - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum


It’s announced unable to create new Windows-Legacy project in 2023.4. However, we can run and edit existing Windows-legacy project for a while.
I think, although we need to convert it to Windows in future (because future version Studio won’t support Windows legacy) , but it’s unnecessary to convert it in haste, at this time.


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thanks @Yoichi for your valuable guidance

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