What can I do when I get this message: "This project uses legacy Windows support which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next Enterprise version"

Hi Marian, any idea about Htet_Aung_Lwin and mine error with the .net?

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after convernt window-legacy to Windows, i found error below, pls help to solve this

I use BalaReva excel activities to merge cells. After I convert to windows, I can’t use the function.

Any other ways to merge cells?

If the process was published using window-legacy. Is it will affected as well?

Hi @tengku.hazim ,

Could you check with the below post :

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I will write here because its connected.

How can I disable that notification. Message is clear - I should start working with Windows project. But I don’t want to convert to Windows for now. Is it any option to disable this message? It is annoying when it turn on after debugging, running etc…

You can achieve that with the help of your [Studio governance]

"display-legacy-framework-deprecation": false


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@marian.platonov Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

What if I don’t have Automation Ops?

I am using on-premise Orchestrator and do not use governance policy (I know it is possible by creating specific folder on Orchestrator with governance asset).
Is it possible by just modyfing project.json? If it’s achievable only by creating governance it seems to be quite a lot of work just do get rid of notification :wink:

Only by governance at this moment.

You can enforce governance policies in one of the following ways:

  • Create and deploy policies from UiPath Automation Ops, an easy-to-use web application.
  • Use a file-based governance model that consists of creating a JSON policy file and deploying the file locally, externally, or via Orchestrator.

@marian.platonov Thank you. I created file locally. It works fine :slight_smile:

Hi Marian,

What would be best practice for using microsoft.exchange.activities that are no longer supported in windows projects. What would be the best package to use going forward?

Use the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package that will use Microsoft Graph API endpoints.

Check here for more details:


What if I don’t have Azure? What if I have MS Office 2016? Is it possible to communicate with exchange server through some activity in Studio?


As per the documentation here It’s not possible for exchange server for new windows workflow

Hope this may help you


When you tell me that I can not do sth it’s not really helpfull. :stuck_out_tongue:
Does it mean, that if my company would not go to cloud solution, we could only use outlook activities?

Does that go in the UiPath.policies.config? If so, in which “section”?

If you will generate the policy in Studio, you will see that in the UiPath.modern.policies\UiPath.policy.Development.json file

“display-legacy-framework-deprecation”: true or “display-legacy-framework-deprecation”: false

I did find the display-legacy-framework-deprecation property three times in the generated file. When I set the value to false in all three spots, saved the file and then moved it to the proper location, it did remove the message. Thank you