What are some ways to become a UiPath Freelancer?

Hi folks,

I’m thinking about creating a small company or “freelance” as a RPA Developer.
What are some of the ways to achieve this?

For example I need at least one machine on my end to run all the unattended robots on. I need a cloud orchestrator etc.

If they want attended bots, do they have to order the licenses etc, or should it go all over my cloud orchestrator then ?

Is there some entry tier for this cause the prices are very expensive and hard to get back in revenue the first months where I want to build up the company and get customers etc.

How would you do that?

Thx Dom

Hello @ShadowDom,

This is a big step you’re taking, and like most questions in this area it depends on many factors like your business model and the size and needs of your clients.

Generally speaking, thinking you’re starting out small, and considering UiPath’s service agreement. Probably the best route of action is to have at least

  • Orchestrator license
  • An unattended license to run your processes.
  • A studio license for development.
  • A non-production license for your troubleshooting needs

Keep in mind this doesn’t include the infrastructure needed for your robots to run so you’ll need to consider perhaps a cloud provider to handle your vm’s or cloud robots.

As your business grows your clients may require having dedicated environments, and therefore delegate all the licensing cost/billing to their side. Also depending on their security needs they will need to have at least their own production robots

As for the pricing, you will need to get an individual quote from a sales agent either if you acquire them directly from UiPath or through a reseller partner. Keep in mind that partners will essentially be your competitors so may involve additional agreements on top of just selling the licenses.

Hope this gives you some insight.