Minimal licences for deployment solution

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My company is in alpha phase of using RPA as a solution to some of our processes.
I have a question regarding the licences, mainly about minimal requirements about RPA Robots.

All the processes we want to automate are not so big, 1 robot is enough for them.
From my point of understanding, I need to get Studio licence and 1 robot licence (attended or unattended).
Is that the minimal requirement that we must fulfil to have RPA solution or do I HAVE
to get Orchestrator licence as well? (i mean can I start my solution from the Studio or I have to publish them first to Orchestrator and start them from there)

I have watched all the training multiple times, still this boggles me.

You dont need to have an orchestrator. You need to have Studio if you will develop your own code.
Best case is get Studio and Robot license i would say

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This is up to you only. If you want to run BOT 24*7 for any particular process then we need to one dedicated BOT for that process. Else you can use same BOT for different process. But you have to run process one by one.

If there is no manual intervention in between your prcoess then you can take unattended BOT license else you take Attended BOT license. But to run unattended BOT, we need Orchestrator and its cost is too high. And also if you want you can run from UIRobot System tray also.

There is no point minimal requirement of BOTS. Its our wish. If you don’t buy orchestrator then we can run process from system tray.

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Okay, that is what I thought, thank you both @Petar_Soce

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