Which license I need for use UiPath?

Hi, people.

I want get information about the license in UiPath. in the Company that I’m working we want use UiPath. We think in use a server and run all robots from the server. Actuality only me work in RPA. My boss request me a price and which license we need… I think in the next licenses can be good.

UiPath Studio
Robot untanned (1 license for now)

If any have a observation about the license that I think can be good or a advice please help me. Thanks

Hi Dari, you can try this configuration on our Cloud Platform: platform.uipath.com.

the licenses depends a lot from the scenarios you will work, if you had analyzed the scenarios and you think these licenses should be the correct, then go ahead buddy
if you need to develop a robot, of course the first one (Studio license) is necessary. rest depends of the scenario, attended or unattended license.
here are more information

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Thank you for the information.

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