Which are the UiPath product prices?

Hi, until now I have only done private RPA using community edition.

Now I have been asked to do an identical RPA for a couple of small companies (1-5 employees). The companies only want to run the robot, so minimal installments. Suppose optimal setup would be that I make the RPA, upload to Orchestrator and then push the RPA to all users. The users cannot have any access to the code.

What is the best setup?

What about pricing? Is it better that the companies buy individual licences or could I pay a fee for every pc that I push the RPA to? What are the possibilities and costs?

I would appreciate if somebody could guide me.

Hello @raven

To be frank expect UiPath no one can provide better solution for this. Kindly contact uipath by using below link

Hi @raven

Contact Uipath support team for more information


I have contacted UiPath Sales team but not getting any response. Can anybody point me in the right direction how the setup should be in my case?

Hi @raven

They will response as soon as possible, Just for for a while

Still no response

Apparently nobody wants to help - quite disappointing. Seems that I have to stop using UiPath if I want to proceed with my project.

Can you provide the ticket number so I can take a look internally to see its status?

Did not get a ticket number. Remember that I got an on screen confirmation that I would be contacted as soon as possible

Well, if you didn’t receive a ticket number, I don’t know if someone has the ability to track it.

You need to get in contact with an UiPath Sales representative for your region or a Partner.

Do you have a contact from an UiPath Sales representative from your region?

Region Croatia, I filled in a form on your website Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath , below screen shot. Will do it again.

I filled in the form again and stated region: croatia (also did first time).

When I am being asked for company name, I state my surname because I have no company yet.

No confirmation mail is received.
Only below “thank you…”

So same procedure as last time and I fear that I will get no response like last time!