RPA Advanced Certification - what next?


I completed all the three training in UiPath Academy as well as completed the advanced certification exam (1.5 hrs objective, 3hr coding) as well.
I want to understand what is next from here.
Can someone help please.

Hi @nilesh_kumar

Go for this


This is a paid certification which has been set free of cost until 31st March 2019


Hi @PrankurJoshi ,
I have already completed that certification.RPA Developer Certification.pdf (121.5 KB)
I want to know what would be the next step from here.

Oh that is great then you are good to go and implement RPA at your work.

From certifications point of view you have done everything :man_student: now its time for actual implementation, however learning never gets over :smile:



Hi Prankur,

I am also in the similar state and would be glad if you could help me.

I am working for a company in Germany and my boss wants me to complete the UiPath certifications and handle the RPA projects within the company. I have few questions related to it and would be glad if you could help me with them.

  1. After completion of the ‘RPA developer Advanced certification’ are there any other steps/ licences that have to be obtained before commencing with the actual projects? if so, what are the costs?

  2. Is there any other regulation/ rules for starting UiPath projects at Companies?

  3. What are the costs associated with RPA (licensing, login, virtual machines, recurring costs, etc…) Monthly/ yearly?

  4. In the UiPath website, it says that the certification is free until 31st March 2019. What is the cost after this period?

  5. Is there any other factor i need to consider? or it is as simple as it looks?
    (Online training > certification > start RPA projects)

Thanking you in advance


Hi @rohit111

Let me try to answer these :smiley:

  1. Generally, if your company is a big enterprise, you will be able to use a 60-days trial version for Enterprises. Otherwise, you can use a free Community Edition :slight_smile:
    See here for the comparison and read into the details to see if your company falls under the Enterprise definition (basically over 5mln in yearly revenue or more than 250 users/machiens)
  2. Refer to point 1.
  3. This question would be best answered by our sales representatives. It is not impossible to find some information on the internet, but I’d rather direct you to the sources that are up-to-date and which would also be able to advise you while taking into account your particular situation (the costs vary depending on your needs).
  4. It will be announced later on :slight_smile:
  5. It really is that simple and we’re quite happy about it.

Can we pass the certification using community edition??

Yes, you can use the community edition for the certification exam. The great thing about UiPath is they don’t require you to purchase their tools to gain experience.