Week 4 - Continue Your Learning Journey

You’ve reached the end of the Reboot Your Skills program! You’re now better equipped to deal with the challenge of repetitive tasks. You’re ready to get more time for creative work through the power of automation! Kudos for your commitment and eagerness to learn!

A crucial element in rebooting your skills was engaging with your peers who have been following along the same journey. They have been great in sharing their ideas and aspirations around using automation. They have also been great in sharing solutions to issues they have encountered along this learning journey. It’s time to share your thoughts with them one more time!

As you reached the end of the Reboot Your Skills learning journey, how was the experience for you? Now that you know that there are several roles that are crucial in implementing an RPA solution, which one do you think suits you best? Would you continue on the RPA development path you’ve practiced so far or would you rather explore a new role? Share your thoughts about:

  • How was the Reboot Your Skills experience for you?
  • What role in the automation journey best suits you?

Navigate to the Forum to share your ideas and check out the ideas your peers have shared!

This is it. I’ve enjoyed the entire UiPath. The course and program is well put together with challenges that keep you motivated and engaged all the way till the end and even more so. I look forward to continue learning about UiPath and RPA solutions.


Great program! I’m hoping to use this to automate some testing of ETL processes. Any advice? I saw one of the roles is related to test automation. Are there additional plug-ins, course material that may be related to this?

Reboot your skills had excellent challenges! I simply would not give up on getting the robots to run! I do not intend to be a Developer but to manage initiatives around ERP+Process Mining+RPA, and this course helped me to get familiar with basic functionalities regarding this last one. Thanks to all the team!

Reboot your skills was a great starting point. I am definitely going to check out the RPA developer courses. Interested to get a good foundation on best practices of developing RPA projects.

What a refreshing course this was! It will greatly help in automating basic yet time consuming tasks in my day-to-day work. I will be exploring the RPA developer foundation course soon. Thanks a ton UI Path!

Thank you. This course was really good for me. I liked that it targeted people (like me) who have no programming experience. I felt it was organized and purposeful. With that said, it was also very difficult. I could have used a little more hand-holding and explaining that this type of medium doesn’t allow. This is no criticism of the training but my own technical skill set. While I could follow along with the videos, I’m not sure I could do it without it. Perhaps it’s just a matter of additional learning, practice and effort on my end.

I know that for my job I’ll need to learn how to program RPA but I don’t think I’m ready to jump into the RPA Developer Foundation…I think I need to start with the BA Fundamentals.

Thank you also to the people on the forum who offered help. It made all the difference.

This was very fun and i am so excited to discuss this with my team lead as i can definitely see its purpose for my job. Hopefully I’ll still have access after this week!

Thank you. Good course, sometimes a little bit tricky. I will continue with the RPA developer foundation cause I need it for my job.
Thanks to all at the forum and for great help.

I enjoyed the program and appreciate the holistic view into the RPA world.
Thank you!

Great course, a little bit tricky at times! I will continue with the RPA developer Foundation course - I am interested in adding UiPath to my set of RPA skills.Thanks to all!

Thanks for this clever and well designed courses. It’s already effective for my day to day tasks, and for my job too.
My aim is to be RPA Business Analyst.
Let’s go ahead!


Thank you for this informative program. It was a helpful introduction to RPA. As a result of taking this course, I will now try Studio training instead of more StudioX training. My role involving RPA will be to teach the tool to university students. StudioX does not seem to be ready for this now with so many workarounds and issues with Add Ins. However, I will keep an eye on its future development. Thank you for these insights.

These for me have been amazing from a complete novice, I now have a better grasp of what the RPA world look like, I plan to build a solid career and passion in RPA, I will be exploring the COE path starting with the Developer foundation course. I just hope and believe the reboot page will still be available and accessible for future reference and practice. Thank you UIPATH you are the best. We’ve got alot together going forward.


The course has been a good starting point to learn RPA.

I hope to use this knowledge soon in my future projects, and find how to mix this technology with others to automatize the processes of my customers with the highest value for them.

Thank you!!!

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I have learned so much for attending this course. Thank you.

Thank you for this incredible learning experience. I plan to continue my journey in the exciting field of RPA!

Thank you for this journey! It was challenging, but it´s a start :slight_smile:

Thank you for the program. It has been a very instructive journey !

Thank you for this opportunity! Some exercises were simple, but others were quite difficult for me. With more practice I see the a lot of potential for automation.