Reboot Your Skills - Learn to build software robots in just 4 weeks for free

Reboot Your Skills

As you might know, UiPath has long made a commitment to make automation skills accessible to everyone. Especially during the uncertainty of today’s environment, we feel it’s more important than ever to provide training tools to learn in-demand skills.

To help people learn the fundamentals of automation during this critical time, we’re launching a free, 4-week online learning program called Reboot Your Skills—designed to enable business users to develop essential automation skills in less than 16 hours.

People who enroll in the program will be able to access:

  • A tailored learning plan with on-demand UiPath Academy courses and activities

  • Free download of UiPath software

  • 24/7 community of learners on Slack and in this community

  • Weekly webinars and office hours in multiple time zones with RPA experts

  • A certificate of completion

If you’ve been meaning to learn automation skills, this program provides the structure and support to get started. You’ll learn to build robots in Studio X alongside thousands of others.

To learn more:

Registration is open now through April 20, when the program begins.

PS: We know that many of you already have more advanced RPA skills and don’t need to take part in an introductory course; however, we know you recognize how important these skills are for the future of work. Feel free to invite your friends, family, and colleagues who could benefit from this program—it’s free for and open to everyone.


awesome initiative… much needed one :smiley:


I wonder who in the community is going to bring the most family & friends :slight_smile:


Such a great initiative :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Can Robot Masters sign up? Are there any new things we can learn from this course in addition to our Level 3 training?



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it helps for a new developer who wants to build a career in the RPA devlopment


This is great! I already have Studio Enterprise Edition so it seems it won’t be necessary to also download the free version of StudioX…is that correct or would you advise otherwise?



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Hey @AndyMenon,

This initiative is actually focused around StudioX.

Anyone is welcome to join of course, but all of the practice exercises are going to be around automating with StudioX.



A great initiative,Appreciate it

please guide my how i do become a RPA consultant, i want to learn this tool, but i need some in touch, who can help me immediate, i am not from technical background , i don t know any things about the SQL,Java, i can learn this stuff. i need some to guide me to buid up my career in RPA. i feel very alone , because i dont have any job in techinical field, i am looking a internship in uipath company .so i can interact with people and learn some more about it.

Please help me.

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It will open doors for many how to enable RPA. Thanks for this initiative.

Karthik Byggari


Dear Sir,

Ticket can be closed, ssl settings on the server were to blaim.

Best regards

Hi UiPath
I am Sourav Kumar and I am uipath certified advanced RPA developer .Do I need to go through this certification process again? This is in regard to your mail for professional certification.

Hi Team,

I wanted to enroll for the program but on clicking the enroll button on the webpage it takes me to the bottom of it rather than opening a form for enrollment.

Please help!

Warm Regards,


Hi @mrityusingh

Please try on a browser without any script blocking add-on. I checked on my Firofox with an ad-blocker and it reproduced your scenario, but I then checked another browser and it worked just fine


Thanks Maciej :slight_smile:

Just filled in the form from another browser. God bless!

Warm Regards,



Great Step towards the brightest RPA future Skills. :blush::grin:


Will this be different than what is already available on line?