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You’ve reached the end of the Reboot Your Skills program! You’re now better equipped to deal with the challenge of repetitive tasks. You’re ready to get more time for creative work through the power of automation! Kudos for your commitment and eagerness to learn!

A crucial element in rebooting your skills was engaging with your peers who have been following along the same journey. They have been great in sharing their ideas and aspirations around using automation. They have also been great in sharing solutions to issues they have encountered along this learning journey. It’s time to share your thoughts with them one more time!

As you reached the end of the Reboot Your Skills learning journey, how was the experience for you? Now that you know that there are several roles that are crucial in implementing an RPA solution, which one do you think suits you best? Would you continue on the RPA development path you’ve practiced so far or would you rather explore a new role? Share your thoughts about:

  • How was the Reboot Your Skills experience for you?
  • What role in the automation journey best suits you?

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Hello Everyone, in one word I could say this was my first learning experience as “Wow”. Learning from scratch to scale that I saw here wherein I could relearn ,unlearn and learn the engineering aspects and could deploy the projects of my dream. I enjoyed learning with the flowchart and that helped me design the flow and try to run and then match it with solution UI studioX which was like even though I stuck in middle I can still refresh myself and continue learning through implementation, that fantastic it was!! Once again thank you everyone who has dedicated their time ,effort and resource in putting the content of course, then the UI path developer who had made all the tools handy, the backend ,the front end and everyone. Special thanks for those demo videos for each topic it broadened our horizon of connecting with project, forums in community and thereby run it at ease. It was really all possible because of every person involved in building this learning course. I would love to continue learning with UI path Academy for RPA developer and Business Analyst since I am interested in that field.

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I think the statement this training is only 4 hours a week is an understatement. I did make it through and I learned a lot, however, I did not have much time for myself after finishing my regular work and work hours.

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I think the statement this training is only 4 hours a week is an understatement. I did make it through and I learned a lot, however, I did not have much time for myself after finishing my regular work hours. I did not have the option for Downloading a file so I had to come up with some creative work arounds. Everything should be available for the training.

Great experience! It took a lot longer than anticipated to really learn and apply the skills. Very excited to start applying them!

It was really a great experience and I think StudioX is a lot more easier than StudioPro and helps get in touch with RPA and UiPath. My path probably will be that of a Business Analyst, but I would also like to get a little bit deeper into the Development of RPA. I have to say that it took longer than that 4 to 5 hours anticipated - you can see it as it’s the end of May while I’m finishing the course… but the lessons are great and well prepared.

Usefull in any sence. I think I will continue to pracìtice, pracitice, pracìtice. My role in the next RPA project will be Business Analyst, but knowing the way the Robot thinks is very important to me. :cowboy_hat_face:

It was amazing experience. a lot of learning and knowledge. Now i have better understanding about UiPath product offerings. looking for more courses on the Academy. RPA Business Analyst Foundation then RPA Implementation Manager Foundation

Hi Everyone,

The experience during this course was fantastic and amazing, it is pretty interesting how a Robot can help us with our tasks day by day. I would like to say that if you take these lessons you are more than prepared to automate daily tasks but definitely, you need to keep practice and practice… ready to become a Developer RPA.

A must-course for everyone.

Good afternoon everybody,
Without a doubt, the Program was very useful, interactive and easy to understand.
Besides being quite practical and didactic. Thanks to the knowledge and experiences shared, I was able to develop a couple of automations in my workplace, which will help me dedicate more time to activities that generate added value to the organization where I work.
Thank you very much again for giving us the opportunity to participate.
I leave my Linkedin in case you like to connect and exchange experiences in this world of RPA:

great :grinning:

Reinicie sus habilidades ha sido una puerta de entrada espectacular al mundo de RPA. Gracias por brindar esta oportunidad de aprendizaje y el camino para seguir adelante.