Reboot Your Skills - Automation Starter - Goodbye and Next Steps

Open your Automation Diary and go through the goals and expectations you had for this program. Then share with other participants your impressions of the program :

  • Did this program meet your expectations?
  • Did we manage to open a whole new world for you?
  • Are you interested in continuing your RPA and automation journey?
  • Did you find the next learning plan for you?


This is not a complete program but yes it is good for starting your journey on Ui Path, for Ui Path. I was thinking to learn Ui Path since 2019 but was not taking interest but when I saw this Reboot your skill small course then I decide to learn atleast once, and I found it is good platform to automate processes. as well as I was wring n ICR/OCR processes in 2008 then we were writing very big and long code to automate only one template and also using KODAK hardware device which was helping us to read the characters and inserting into the Database. So it was too lengthy and costly process.
now Ui Path providing superb tools controls which we can drag and drop to start our process automatically wthin short time span.

So thank you Ui Path and team.

I need to thank you for the UiPath course. I always had
the curiosity to learn how to automate processes and today I can say that I know. I have several ideas to start applying.

Thank you UiPath and team.

It took me a while to continue the course as I had something to handle before I could finish it. However, it was easy to pick up again and I thank the UIpath team for having build such a great tool and created the courses to help us learn it!

Thank you!

Everyone been talking about Automation and RPA, its the new buzz word, but no one has been able to synthesize and breakdown in structured and clear ways to learn and develop skills in this new frontier of Automation. Yes, this met my expectations and opened up a new world for me