Week 1: Build your first Robot

I already have several ideas in mind for process to automate!

I will start with daily reports since running several reports through our system is a tedious process.

On a seperate note, I could not use the “indicate in indicate Excel” function while I had other spreadsheets open, I beleive the macros from the other spreadsheets were interferring with the UiPath - Excel Extension because it worked after closing out everything else.

This was so cool. I felt so intimidated doing this even if it was silly. I have never done anything like this before.
I can think of several instances in life where it can come in handy. 1. Checking student papers for plagiarism 2.Grading assignments and transferring info to report cards. 3. Sending monthly announcements to parents.


Really great start! First robot done! :slight_smile:

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Nice exercise to start!

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nice step by step instructions, easy to understand, great job!

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Exciting icebreaker project. Looking forward to this training!

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Hello everyone.

I just finished my first robot. These are my three automation ideas:

Checking the product webpages to get prices and put them in excel file and next to compare the changes from the last week.

Sending mail to collegues of my company with the news post of ours favorites blogs .

Conecting to document management to get a file and send by mail to customer.


It was a lot of fun building the first robot! I made a couple of mistakes along the way and I am glad through experimenting i finally managed to get my first robot working! I can’t wait to create more working robots!

I was able to complete the exercise now and looking forward to continuing through the training.

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  • It would help me in entering daily assignments and tasks in the project management application.
  • It would facilitate the performance of unit tests on proofs of concept and software developments in the development stage.

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I already feel smarter after completing my first Robot :grin:

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Feeling good after completing first exercise !

I think of following three tasks for automation:

  1. Regression test steps for UI testing
  2. Test status consolidation from different teter reports
  3. Sending management update mails
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