Can you please help out to use both Uipath Studio and StudioX?

Hello ariciroz,
Can you please help out to use both Uipath Studio and StudioX?
I have recently installed Uipath Studio. Do I need to uninstall that? or Can I use both of these tool at a time.
Thank You.

Hi @sadman.talukder97,

you can switch between Studio and StudioX it’s just a profile setting

Click there and then select StudioX

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Hi @FrankSchikora, and all , On the way to finish first Week1 and i would like share a though …
StudioX is so “dammed” easy and efficient in the same time. its amazing!

But in the i have a concern.I have a small experience with Studio Community Ed.
Is it possible to go back and forth from StudioX to Studio ? e.g If your creation a piece of Robot in StudioX , can you continue working on it in Studio or in the reverse way? Is there some limitation to do this?

And in some way, If you are too much used to work with StudioX it may be very difficult then to expand your RPA capabilities later with Studio?

What do you think?

Hi @serge_ziehi
glad you like StudioX! It actually is possible to open StudioX workflows in the normal studio when you change the profile from StudioX to Studio - see the screenshot below for the studio “version” of the first excercise.

But keep in mind that StudioX is designed for a more narrow purpose then the normal Studio so what is not possible as far as I’m aware is using activities that are not native to StudioX adding them via Studio and then using them in StudioX. @Bianca.Dragu please correct if I’m wrong here :slight_smile:

In terms of capabilities I would say the StudioX is the perfect steppingstone because you can already automate so many things and get an understanding of how RPA works and then later on expand to the normal Studio which wil require some more training but it will be an easy transition as the priciples and foundations have already been established trough the use of StudioX

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Thanks very much FrankSchikora. Comprehensive answer.

Hi @sadman.talukder97. You can switch between Studio and StudioX from
Home > Settings > License and profile > view or change profile

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