Milestone 1 - Build your first Automation

One important step in rebooting your skills is engaging with your peers who follow along the same journey. You’ve built your first robot today!

What 3 automation examples can you think of that would impact you the most - either for learning impact - or just save you doing a lot of work! Time for a collective brainstorm.

  1. Sending an automatic email to a group when someone contributes a new forum post.
  2. Emailing a supervisor a report that was downloaded and processed.
  3. Cleaning up your local folders.

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Great course.


Some of my business related examples are:

  1. calculating the items on stock and placing a purchase order via e-mail;
  2. submitting working hours to the payroll company;
  3. sending an e-mail to prospects whenever a new product is launched.
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Really loving UiPath beginner journey thus far. My use-case examples include:

  1. Automating - running social media comments/posts text through sentiment analysis engine. Stratifying negative sentiment comments/posts & highlighting those as priority for urgent investigation and resolution,

  2. Consolidating of KPI data residing in disparate legacy systems into modern reporting BI tool,

  3. Posting of aggregated PDF reports from email to project/customer Whatsapp group.

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The ability to retrieve data from and populate excel spreadsheets and to automate pivot table steps will be brilliant for the completion of routine audits. For initiating contact and providing instructions to on boarding new hires.

I look forward to using the excel, and browser interaction tasks.

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  1. Check the monthly salary on our company website and send the salary to an excel file for my own tracking
  2. Send email to my boss from technical data gathered from factory in the morning.
  3. Type into my financial excel file of my investment online every morning


  1. Upload Excel file in the application and click to validated if the data is correct
  2. If the data is not correct write in the Excel file which is the problem
    3 Creating a report with the problems

Setting up Uipath was not as easy as the instruction show, but I think it is my company restrictions.

i agree it was informative but i think company restrictions

  1. Creating standardized reports usind data from standard SAP transactions
  2. Send email to fellow employees usinf the standardized report
  3. Get updates from websites (currency, news, stock prices …) and put them into a stock portfolio list

This is an awesome application!
I can think of collecting information of defects, test results, triage logs from the products under development and generating a weekly “at a glance” report.

  1. Sending quarterly reminders to colleagues to update their documents.
  2. Attaching the correct documents to the correct group of colleagues for their review and amendment.
  3. Sending monthly user verification reports.
  1. Making a test report using a standard template/format.
  2. Sending the report to all concerned persons and having them approved.
  3. Keeping the reports in its proper folder.

Great course, enjoyed that.