Weburl automation

Hi Folks,

I need some help. I have prepared workflow that open 3 different web urls (using Separate Open Browser for each urls). They are working fine.

I have also put one message box to display the url’s are working fine.

I need some help how can i display message when these url’s are not opening .
e.g. http://testserver1.com is not opening then how can i show if this is down and if any validation activity would needed . Some simple solution would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Guys - can someone please advise on this ?

Hey @Shobhit_P :wave:

I would suggest using an Element Exists activity and take action based on that.

Take a look at the below thread for more clarity on the same:


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first of all manually open all 3 urls. Focus on happy scenario first for example when the website is successfully open that select an element and put the selector of this element into element exist. For example when we open facebok.com then facebook icon is visible on website so use element exist for all these websites. in case of website doesn’t load successfully or website shutdown then element exist false value which you indicate that website is down.

Hope this will work.

Hi @ghazanfar ,
Sorry but i am still stucked . I tried the Element Exists - got some text from the website for happy scenario, stored it in a variable then i have no clue how to proceed further.
i also,put the message box to show True value but it gives true when i give the incorrect url .

Some further help would be appreciated

Can you share the code here? Or share the selector of element exist here

Please check if it helps

The selector is incorrect. What is the first thing that you see on website when url loads successfully? Like any any tittle on page , or button, or any label make selector of it which contains aname and type property at least one of it then put it into element exist. Hope it will work now

Hi Shobhit ,

Surround that workflow with try/catch , and in catch add message activity that “URL cannot be opened”.

Hope it helps you

Thank and regards
Sahil Garg

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this is title part - image
when you say put it in element exists, then does that mean i need to put title in Output value under properties in the workflow?
Sorry for these questions i am the new in UIPath

Hi Sahil,

Thanks for your reply.
yes, i am trying the same in the try/catch block. But i am stucked at the previous step.


Can you tell about previous step where you are stuck .

Thanks and regards
Sahil Garg

In the selector add properties like aname or tag rather than class. Element exist return boolean that u use in if condition. It will give true if url loads successfully or false value in case of url does load successfully

Hi - I am trying to test one of the web url. and testing if it is opening up or not.

Inside try catch → (Try ): Open Browser → Element Exist (There i am using title as selector as this seems unqiue for the web page)

Catch - i have given one message box but its not giving correct result when the url is not opening

I am not sure , how can i validate if the url is not working … i have no exact url down scenario just checking with incorrect url for testing purpose.

I am able to do it now. Along with Element Exist i used Flow decision to test the success and failure scenario .
Thanks for your revert.

Sahil - the problem is now fixed .
Thanks for your reply

I would recommend that first you go to UiPath academy for some free courses, you will learn in no time :slight_smile: https://academy.uipath.com/


Sorry for late reply stuck on some conflicts.

Cheers and good to see that problem is solved .

Thanks and regards
Sahil Garg

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sure @bcorrea. thanks