Element exists - how to detect the browser crash or close

I’m using Element exists activity to detect the specific element on the browser.
However, in case the browser is just closed by a user or crashed I’m getting the same “False” result as the output of the Element exists activity. If I use the Try / Catch, I don’t understand how can I catch this as there is no excpetion in my understanding. Ideally I would like to throw an exception in case something is wrong with the internet browser (closed, crash, stuck etc.). Can anyone help with ideas on how to achieve this ?


Element Exists activity will give output as boolean variable. After Open browser, check for any element.
If it is True → then continue it.
False → Then throw error

Hi @MichaelK
Just Indicate the pop that comes after the browser gets crashed so if browser will crashed it wii give you true value otherwise it will give you false value.
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I just used the Get Attribute activity with the attribute “visibility” inside the Try/Catch. When the browser is closed it throws the system error. I find it’s quicker than Element exists activity.
Do you think it’s all right to use ?