Web Browser and If Activity

I have to perform a certain action if a certain web page appears, else it’ll continue to the next instructions. How to perform this situation?

  1. Use element exists activity - Delay (number of seconds)
  2. If condition – Boolean Output of element exists activity.
  3. If element appears - then perform required action, else continue to next instructions.


Use Element Exists or On Element Appear activity and if found then perform some actions else skip it.

@rachrahul2 @lakshman I did exactly the same as you are suggesting. When I ran that workflow individually, that was working fine. But when I invoked that workflow in my process state(ReFrameWork) that did not work. Can you please suggest…


Check whether you passed arguments properly or not.

I have checked several times. Actually there is no need of any arguments import or export. There should be a Element exist, a if condition, a Boolean variable and a click activity.

What’s the error you are getting ? Put a screenshot or something here.

This is the screenshot of that workflow.

  1. Where did you invoke this workflow ?
  2. Check if the element exists has full selector.
  3. Same thing for click.

If possible share the whole sample workflow.

  1. In the process state
  2. yes

The file is too heavy to send…forum is not accepting the file for its size.


Kindly use attach browser or attach window and place that sequence…