Website data scraping - not getting all records

Hi folks,

Can you please suggest why this scrapper doesn’t work - it extracts only few records 3, sometimes 6 even through it is set to 30.

This is a part of a longer process. So see it working you can open the linkedin with search for people parameter and specify any region:

Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

Just specify where to output the results.

Appreciate your help.


After you configure columns, take how many results you want “Maximum no of results” eg : 30,
click on finish and select yes for data spanning for multiple pages and click “next”.

To write the output, use write range of workbook and use the above generated datatable from Datascraping.

Thanks, but the problem still exists - getting 0 records. And I can confirm it doesn’t have to do with the way data is outputted.

It seems lake the scrapper works, but only for a few times.

Maybe anyone have a working example for referral

Thank you,


Refer the below workflow and output of Datascraping (7.9 KB)