Tried data scraping - Not getting all records

Hi Everyone,
I have tried using data scraping but I didn’t got all the results in CSV. Please advise.

Hello @sanyreddyy, welcome to the UiPath forum community!

Make sure that you indicate the “Max number of results to: 0” during Data Scraping. Also, be sure to indicate if the data is spanning multiple pages.

Happy automating! :vulcan_salute:

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I already did the same as you advised, but still 50% results are missing in the CSV.

Hello @sanyreddyy,

  • What method are you using to write into the CSV?
  • Where exactly are you scraping the data from?
    • Is this a website?
    • And if yes, would it be possible for you to share this site so that I can try data scraping on my side?