Data Scrapping on linked

Hello all,
i want to scrap data data from linked in page with some filter. i use data scrapping and but i am getting only 5 names from one page. every page contains 10 names. can somebody help me with this.
Thanks in advance


Have you tried changing the max number of results to 5?

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Hi buddy
Kindly check with the MaxNumberOfResults in the property panel of Extract Structured Date in studio, whether it has 5 as value, if so change to the number you want

Cheers @deepa.barode

no it is 100

Changing it to 5 will give you the first 5 rows of data @deepa.barode

I want all 10 data not only 5 data.Which i am getting currently.

So, how many rows you want, then mention that range there. @deepa.barode

tried. no expected result.

Can you attach the workflow?

i think there is some problem with linked in page which does not allowing to extract

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Just try again data scraping and while the data is previewed, change the value there itself.

its working from me :slight_smile:

Get_LinkedIn_By_Using_Language_filter.xaml (15.8 KB) Here is the workflow.

did you try on linked in page?

LinkedIn.xaml (7.4 KB)

I donnot want only five i want all the data (that means all the names)in my connection.

Change the max results number to the maximum number… so that you will get the rows you want

Hi @deepa.barode
you can extract all data once when you implementing. But again you ruining workflow it shouldn’t work.

LinkedIn doesn’t allow robots to scrape user data.


I had worked a while back on a similar program where I instead of getting the user profiles from LinkedIn, got them from google. You will need to use a Boolean search string to look for the relevant profiles that you need and scrape the LinkedIn user profiles from there.

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I agree with you

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@HareeshMR : What’s the current status of your UI Path flow that can possibly extract data from Linked In? Just checking…