In data scrapping from web page I'm getting less results than actual

Hi, I’m trying to scrap the data from an e-commerce site. For one keyword there are total 486 results are there on the e-commerce site. I have selected the xpath for multiple pages too. My sequence is running well and scraping data from next pages also. After running the scrapping I’m write CSV mode to get all the data but in the CSV file I’m getting only 100 results instead of 486.
Note: I have changed the limit to 1000 entries.

Help me how to solve this!

Can you please attach your workflow?

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammohan, I have attached my wrokflow here only I’m unable to get all the data from the ecommerce site. Can you please check and give me suggestions how i can get everything as correct.
Extracting data for ecommerce.xaml (17.5 KB)