Webhook not triggered

Hi guys. My orchestrator webhook is not triggered. I am using version Orchestrator 2021.10.2. Basically I followed the steps in UiPath Orchestrator send text to MS Teams via Webhooks (Chatbot) - YouTube. Testing steps as below. Basically, I know that my power automate flow is working but my webhook is never triggered regardless of selecting all job events or job-stopped event (I can see there is no run entry in figure 4, triggered from webhook). I can see that the webhook is enabled at orchestrator. Kindly help. Thanks.
Figure 1 – created a webhook using URL provided by figure 2.

Figure 2 – have access to premium connectors. Using HTTP request-received with payload for job.stopped

Figure 3 – tested it using postman with methods post, get and put. All are successful as shown by figure 4

Figure 4 – power automate console displays successful statuses and I received MS Teams chats as well


Please check
The permission set requires and validate it here



I can see that the webhook is triggered now as there is a reaction or error displayed. Asked my admin to grant me the relevant permission and now am getting this error “Could not connect to the server” - could it be that there is a blocking on the network layer that prevents on-prem orchestrator to connect to cloud power automate? Any advise?


What authorization are you using?

One thing I know is when we connect to our on prem orchestrator and want power automate triggers…then we added a on prem gateway and use that to route the requests…

So I believe that is not getting passed or is not able to connect…mostly check for the orchestrator ports if they are blocked and also power automate does not support client credentials in few connectors


hi anil,

didnt use any authentication as video did not specify it (https://youtu.be/rUl5CXBQTkI). To use authentication, do i fill in the secret at orchestrator? and how do i check the requests’ authenticity at power automate flow end? tx.

Do you have access to the server where Orchestrator is installed? You might want to do a network check to see if the server is able to reach your webhook URL prod-57.westeurope.logic.azure.com.

You can open command prompt on the server and run the following command telnet prod-57.westeurope.logic.azure.com 443 and see if can connect.

Command prompt should turn into a blank screen if you’re able to connect. If you’re not able to, after a minute or two you should see an error message.


hi @yikwen.goo,

tx for the network layer checking advice - I have requested my network team to whitelist my on-prem orchestrator to call cloud power automate and I can longer see the error “Could not connect to server”. Now orchestrator is displaying another error “The SSL certificates couldn’t be verified”. This error is displayed when “Disable SSL Verification (Not Recommended)” is checked or unchecked. Kindly help. tx.