Orchestrator Webhooks

Hi everyone, i´m having an issue to use Webhooks in my Orchestrator.
I do have one Webhook created in my Orchestrator but i´m not receiving any updates from UiPath. there´s anyone that already used webhooks in Orchestrator and can help me to solve this?:grin:

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Hi @jumario.sousa

Could you provide examples of your configuration? I suppose you have already explored the available documentation:

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Hi @loginerror , yeah i saw the documentation. I´m seeing the case with my provider because i think they´re blocking the requests. They asked me if the UiPath sends that´s requests with the same IP address or he uses different ones in every request, do you know something about it?

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Please feel free to contact our technical support for details :slight_smile:

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I will, thanks!

Hello Jumario,
In the first video, you will see how Use Orchestrator Webhooks in Power Automate:

In the second video you can see how I use the Slack Webhooks to communicate with UiPath:

Cristian Negulescu