I would love to get Warnings as an Outlook-Mail or in Microsoft Teams.
I tried two ways to receive a messange in a Teams Chanel:

a) creating an URL using Power Automate ( Microsoft Teams Webhook Connector - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum
b) creating an URL within Microsoft Teams ( Erstellen eines eingehenden Webhooks - Teams | Microsoft Docs

Both does not work. The Job failes and I dont get Messanges. Of course I created the Webhook in the Orchestrator using the URL.

Can someone help?
Thanks a lot!


Have you already tried to send webhook in any other tool like Postman? In your case I will check if webhook is received in Teams from any other source and you will know if problem is with webhook or with sending it from Orchestrator.


Hello Katarina,
This is working:

Please try a very simple start with JOB start or JOB complete and see if is working I try multiple times with power automate. First, just print a message in power automate don’t send data to Microsoft Teams.

Hi Katarina,

the Power Autonation activity has chanegd from the video. Please use ‘Post message in a chat or channel’.

Please see also the screenshot how it would look like in German language.