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I new to UIPath.
I am doing web automation, filling few fields, which are read from excel.
I am using AnchorBase activity to fill the values.

When I debug, all the fields have updated correctly.
But, when the same thing runs with out debugging, few fields are not updating the values.

Why this is happening and what is the approach to be taken to reslove this??


Hi @Viswanath_Vankadari,

Just try to include more fields in selectors to make each text box (form field) unique with the help of UI Explorer.

Let me know for further queries.

Thank you.

I have kept the selectors using UIExplorer only.

If there is any issue with selectors, then it won’t work in debug also right??

Is there any other thing which is creating issue??


I am suggesting try to include more fields if possible


Like in the above image, my selector contains parent id and tag only by default but
see the unselected items panel
you can select any other fields if you feel that is unique for a specific text box.

Try adding Delay between the activity to fill the fields .

After adding delay activity, it is working.

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