Need inputs on consistent selector issue. Level 3 Assignment 1

I’m having selector issues with my “Get Text” activity for the Hash result whenever I try to run the automation. I’ve tried using both “Get full text” and “Get text activities”, even added a “Find Element” activity, which only causes an activity time out.
I get no such issues whenever I try to run via debugging mode.
I’d be very grateful for any inputs that can be provided on how to solve this.


Hi @BenMar,

Kindly click Open in UI Explorer to view other selector attributes that you can add so that the selector will be unique.
Then after you clicked it, UI Explorer will pop up.
Expand the Unselected Items and check for unique attributes that you can use.

Thanks and regards.


Hello @Jan_Brian_Despi Thanks for your input sir. Sorry for the reply I was on leave the last few days.
Anyway, I added additional attributes to the selector and added additional delays between activities since I noticed that the browser sometimes loads each processes very slowly, and the issue seems to be resolved for now. Thanks very much again sir.

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Hi @BenMar.

Good to hear that!

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