WEB automation issues

This is my 1st topic so please dont judge.

After lates Ui Path studio update, i have issues with web automation, basically whatever i done previously is not working, and even by trying to define new selectors or even scrape some text there are errors or just nothing can be found or work properly. Also many time if i change some stuff manually and click validate ui path change selectors by itself and is finding some random elements. Before that it was pretty straight forward and i did not need to change almost anything and it was 100% acc, also the scraping was 100% acc, but now its 0% or with a lot of misscraped letters and numbers.
I check with my colleague and he had same issues, was something changed so deep that it impacts this core tool within ui path ?
Thanks in advance

Check if there any updates available for activities like uipath.forms etc.,
Make sure you update the activities also and then try.

If issue still exists raise the issue in UIPath bugs section.

Karthik Byggari


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May i know what browser was used previously…for web automation
It must be purely selector issue…
if its IE browser probably we wont face much issue…

cheers @micik777