Web scraping in a single page

I need to click list of buttons ‘Detail’ in the page and get data from the details. Then navigate to next pages in the pagination option and repeat the same.

How can I complete it?

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K ,

Please have a look,

About Data Scraping (uipath.com)


Thanks for the reply. In my situation, there is no arrow or next button to indicate to navigate to next page. instead, I need to click the page number for that. Can I use Data scraping for that?

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K ,

First you do the data scraping for all the pages. While doing the datascarping get the Extarct URL for detail. Once you get all the list of buttons and urls, open for each loop and use navigate to activity and pass the extracted url of “detail”. Now you can scarpe the details page data and save it.


Data scraping activity have in built feature that it can have all the pages with the pagination. try to use the Data scraping activity and select the first first detail so that automatically it detects the table after selecting finish it will automatically ask for the pagination so that you have to select the number over there so that it will extract the similar data in all the pages. try to follow the videos attached by @kadiravan_kalidoss and let us know. thanks.

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