Unable to Navigate to next screen while extracting data from webpage

Hi All,

I am new to UIPath and working on a basic functionality. I am facing issue while extracting the data from whole table on web application. Table do not have next button or arrow button instead it consist of numbers (1 2 3 4 5…). I used Data Scrapping functionality however it doesn’t work. Please let me know if I am missing anything or there is an another way to do it.

Data scraping from multiple pages only works if you have the next button / link.
If not you will have to include steps to

  • click the link with the next page number
  • repeat the scraping process,
  • update the DataTable with the new scraped content

Hi @Sushil_Chaudhary

Just as @kaderms mentioned, data scraping wizard only works for next pages only if you have the next page button in your site. However, you can do this tasks manually by checking for the next number of the page. Steps to follow are like this.

  1. User a counter variable that has the start page number - default 1
  2. Have some sort of iterationa for the process - a loop or something similar
  3. Within the iteration process, use the counter variable and check whether the next page is available for you to click. You can use Element Exists activity to check whether the next page is available. For this, your selector should be dynamic by including the counter variable because it conains the number of the next page you need to check for existance
  4. If next page is available, use a Click activity to move to the next page.
  5. Next Use an On Element Appear activity to check whether you have successfully navigated to the next page. Usually for the current page you are in, the selector is different. So make use of it to check whether you are in that page or not
  6. If you are in the page, then use Extract Structured Data activity to scrape the data from the grid to a datatable
  7. Finally, do a datatable merge to put all the data records onto one single data table which you use for later processing

Hope it helps!!

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