Page Scraping : Scraping Next Page?

Hi, I’m fairly new to UIPath

But is it possible to scrape Multiple Page?
For Example
I have a page about Apples, then scrape the title, Information, etc.
Then the next page is about Oranges.

What do i do to get those data on Oranges, because the scraping Technique that i know of is the pattern one.

Or do i have to loop it so that it can scrape one-by-one (Which i dont think is possible since the scraping area from the Apple page probably doesnt work on the Orange one)

Thanks in Advance.

Can you share the screenshot of both the pages with sample data…?

Hi Alfian,

If you are talking about structured data extraction from multiple pages you can use the Data scarping wizard in UiPath and it will ask you to show the next page selector simply click on the control which will take you to the next page tool will automatically extract data from multiple pages.

It works, thanks a lot :slight_smile: