Web scraping getting price from image

Hello, i read before but i cannot get an answer: when i web scrape to get the name and url of product i cannot take also the price because it is in a image and when i correlate it with the name i get nothing… any ideas on how to use the ocr function in order to corelate the image with the product? “epiesa.ro/cautare-piesa/?find=1618hq”

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I am not clear what exactly you want, tried some thing, check this can help you, refer the workflow

Test.xaml (10.8 KB)

have you used OCR to get text from Image.? if you are using web scraping i dont think you will get image as input do you have URL to check the issue…?

I can use OCR to get the text from the price image but only works for one item. I want to extract a table with the price and name for all the spare -parts with a searched reference:
For example i search the spare part :1618HQ and i want to get all the names (done) and all the prices that are included in an image:

The site url is in the picture.



I will check this website and we’ll update you :blush:

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Hello, sorry, do you have visited the website? Thanks