How can i scrap the data from a web for a product, if the listing is in the format of image and doesn't let me use select element option when using web scraping

please refer to the picture below.

answers to my query will be highly regarded.

hi @AdnanSaeed

1.Use Data Scrapping method that will indicate each and every search results (or)
2.Use Get Attribute and select the property value as “title” to get the product name

Ashwin S

Many thanks Ashwin but i have done it already and i am not after the product name only but want to scrap all the information for the product. please go to the website i am mentioning and suggest me the appropriate solution.
Thank you

Hello @AdnanSaeed, I saw the site and it seems like it is not possible to directly use Data Scraping on it, but i think it is possible to grab the information you want using Find Children, later you can enter it in datatable, if you wish. Tell me if you have any doubt about it.

Hi @AdnanSaeed, got some time so attached an example too.
I don’t know if it will work on your machine, but it works fine in mine.

The idea is:

Find all Product Name Element with Find Children.
For Each of Product Name Element
Get Product Name.
Get current selector IDX.
Make selector for Price Element.
Get Element, then get the price itself.
Add to DataTable.

Not easy, and may be not stable, but for now possible.


Adnan.xaml (24.1 KB)